Cypress Swingbed

The swing bed is not just
screwed together. It has
6 steel brackets that not
only increase the strength
and durability of the bed,
but also ensure that the
swingbed doesn't seperate.
Do you want a custom size
swingbed? Call us and we
will see what can be done.
Again, custom work comes
with a custom price. When
you call expect that.
The swingbed has eyebolts attached so that you can hang it from a sound structure
The swingbed is just that. A swing that is a bed. We build the frame to fit a twin sized mattress. You can add bedding such as sheets and comforter and whola! You have an exterior bed. This is a unique design, and very few places manufacture the product. Again, 1 inch thich slats and hardy cypress supports make this a very durable (and heavy) outdoor product. When building the framework to hang this bed, it has to be able to withstand a lot of weight, so keep that in mind before purchasing one. (HANGING CHAINS NOT INCLUDED)