Cypress Rollback Glider
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Cypress glider swing

These are handmade, cypress gliders.  Gliders are great swings because there is no hanging installation required, making it easy to put anywhere you want it. The seat and back are the same design as the Rollback, made as a glider swing instead of a hanging one.  Notice the sweeping curves on the swing of the glider. This is a fancier style swing, contoured for extra comfort.
The picture on the bottom shows the back of the glider and how it is constructed. Most gliders use chains to make the swing move back and forth.  I do not use chains, the hardware I use is much better for controlling the motion evenly.
No need to stain or paint unless desired. Cypress, called the eternal wood, last for many years unprotected.
Need time to shop around?  I am so sure that you will not find a sturdier, better glider swing anywhere else, I even have a money back guarantee. Go ahead, shop around!  Just make sure you  bookmark this page!
Notice the gliding brackets. We don't use chains like most gliders. This is because you will not get a full glide with the chains being so short. These brackets give you a full swing motion, similar to that of a regular porch swing.  

4 foot Glider - $299
5 foot Glider - $299

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