Cypress Rollback - Flipdown Cupholder/Table
We have designed a cupholder table that will flip down when you want it, and you can flip it back up out of the way when you want more seating room. We can only build these in 5 and 6 foot lengths. You can call if you want a custom size. But remember, custom work comes with a bigger price. These slats are 1 inch thick like all our swings and have 4 supports on the bottom and back of the swing. So it is built like a rock, extra sturdy. You can even add cupholders in the arms of this swing as well if you want, just in case you want cupholders and have a child sitting in the middle, etc.. Again, any questions, feel free to contact me.
Cupholder Arms - $25

5 foot - $189
6 foot - $329
7 foot - $539

Shipping - $40